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Getting Help with PowerShell

The Get-Help command displays information about Windows PowerShell concepts, including commands, functions, CIM commands, workflows, providers, aliases and scripts.

In this example we used Get-Process.

#Getting Help with PowerShell

#To get more information on a specific commands, for example Get-Process, you can run the following.
Get-Help Get-Process

#To open the online syntax reference on Technet for a given command, run the following (note this requires internet access to work correctly).
Get-Help Get-Process -Online

#To display example syntax for a given command in the PowerShell window, run the following:
Get-help Get-Process -Examples

#PowerShell help content is updated on a regular basis. To get the latest help content, you can run the Update-Help command. You may see the following message after running this command "The Update-Help command downloads the most current Help files for Windows PowerShell modules, and installs them on your computer." You should press " Y " and allow the module to update your help files. This will only take a few moments to complete.
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